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  • Polyester Micro Clean Wipes
    Polyester Microfiber Clean Room Wipes
    Microfiber cleanroom wipes are a newer material used to clean surfaces in many different industries. They are very popular in pharma cleanrooms, medical labs, healthcare facilities, and electronics manufacturing and assembly cleanrooms because they are extra sensitive on delicate surfaces.
  • Sub Microfiber Cleanroom Wipers
    Polyester Sub-Microfiber Cleanroom Wipers
    The cleanroom wipes are made from 100% continuous filament polyester with an interlock knit construction. Patented technology used in the manufacture of this wipe maximizes the sorbency capacity. This wipe exhibits low particle and fiber counts, and provides ultra-clean wiping for critical applications.
  • Sub Microfiber Cleanroom Wipers
    100% Polyester Sub-Microfiber Cleanroom Wipes
    These wipes are ideal for use in the most critical of cleanroom environments. Using patented textile technology Anticon 100 HeavyWeight wipes achieve superior capacity with a quick sorption rate. Ideal for disinfectant and solvent application and wiping to dry.
  • Sub Microfiber Cleanroom Wipers
    Cleanroom Wipes 100% Polyester Long Fiber Knitting Wipes
    The wipes are made from 100% continuous filament polyester with a double-knit no-run interlock construction. The clean cut edges create a very soft wipe, where the whole of the wipe fabric can be used with no risk of scratching. The wipes are cleanroom laundered and packed in a class 4 cleanroom and exhibit very low particle and fiber counts for a knife cut wipe helping to minimize contamination.
  • Sub Microfiber Cleanroom Wipers
    Cleanroom Wipes Laser Cut 100% Knit Polyester
    Polyester Wipes are made of 100% knitted textured polyester with knife cut edges for a very soft wipe. The soft edge is ideal for use on surfaces which are vulnerable to scratching.Polyester wipes are chemically resistant and exceptionally low in particles and fibers. Knit creates a durable fabric, the addition of a periodic additional stitch of a no-run interlock knit prevents the fabric unraveling creating an even more durable fabric with strong edges.
  • Sub Microfiber Cleanroom Wipers
    Laser Cut Polyester Cleanroom Wipes
    Cleanroom wipe is a laundered polyester which is extremely low in particle generation and soluble extractables. The cleanroom wiper is comprised of 100% continuous filament polyester fiber that is especially clean. The knit construction has been developed to ensure integrity and cleaning performance.
  • Sub Microfiber Wipers
    Soft Sub Microfiber Dustless Cloth Clean Room Wiper
    With a focus on design and quality, Jiedao has partnered with a leading cleanroom manufacturer to provide complete modular cleanroom solutions. From concept development to the certification of your cleanroom, together we can determine the optimal method to maintain your clean environment and protect your most critical assets.
  • Sub-Microfiber Wipers
    Cleanroom Polyester Sub-Microfiber Wipers
    This wiper has an absorbency capacity of 290 mL/m2, which is ideal for cleaning biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, benches, research work areas, your critical environment. Size: 9" x 9", Packaging: 150 Wipers/Bag. double bagged and vacuum cleanroom packed.
  • 100 Polyester Long Fiber Cleanroom Wipers
    Imitation Microfiber Cleanroom Wipers
    Imitation microfiber cleanroom wiper(Sub-microfiber Wiper) Double weaving by 100% continuous polyester fiber. It is mainly woven by continuous chemical fibers of 50D / 72F or 75D / 144F. Widely used in CG, TP, LCM, and all-laminated wipes. Features: Strong wiping effect,and strong water and oil absorption, high softness, no scratch on the surface of the wipes.
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