What You Must Know About Cleanroom Pre-moistened Cloths

  • 2022-09-17 10:22:51

When we do cleaning in a clean room, we often encounter some work that is difficult to standardize. At this time, such non-standard or non-consistent operations will cause potential risks to the effect of cleaning work. Does the following situation sound familiar to you?

The user takes out the dry wipe and sprays the cleaning agent from the spray alcohol bottle on the dry wipe. At this time, how to control this process?

Where to spray on the wiper?

How much spray is appropriate?

How did you wipe it after spraying?

Do different users operate the same way?

Do these all need to be standardized?

When a user attempts to spray a cleanser from a spray alcohol bottle onto a dry wipe, it is often difficult to know exactly how much liquid to add, because wearing cleanroom gloves reduces the tactile feedback of the fingers, making it impossible to know exactly how wet does the cleanroom cloths.

As a result, the operator tends to use more liquid than is actually required, and in many cases the wipe becomes very saturated. Excessive pre-wetting affects the cleaning process and can only carry contaminants from one area to another, not remove contaminants.

The cleaning work of the clean room must be consistent, so in order to achieve the consistency of the cleaning effect, it is necessary to trace the consistency of the cleaning process, but the usage habits of different users are different. Some people may finish spraying the cleaning agent, just pick up a whole cloth and start wiping, and some people will also perform standard wiping and folding steps, and then wipe after folding in half. Of course, the more difficult and uncontrollable thing is to spray more and less. If the user is required to fix the number of sprays, it seems too difficult.

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